Disney California Adventure and all of my favs

California Adventure is always a mixed bag for me. I love the land it used to be but I also love and appreciate all the Disney emersion that they incorporated into this park. Being from California I loved the Fisherman Wharf vibe and the look of the pier but I go to Disney for Disney and I love having Cars' Land and Pixar Pier and the soon to be Avenger Campus. Besides holidays and festivals DCA doesn't always have my favorite food, so much so that we would spend the day in Adventure and walk over to the Disneyland side to get dinner. I have found a few places now that I like more but they seem to be the part that is always changing the menu. But before I dig to deep into food let us start with my favorite rides.

This is hard because there really isn't a ride here I do not enjoy going on. I love Grizzly Rapids, Goofy's Sky Scraper, The Incredicoaster and Little Mermaid. The only ride I don't enjoy and this is an unpopular opinion is Soarin' Over the World. Sometimes it is Soarin' Over California but the only reason I don't like this ride is just how long it takes to get on the ride even when you have a Maxpass or Fastpass. But the two favorite rides of this land by far is Galaxy's Edge and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. These are my must do's every time I go to DCA. I love how Galaxy's Edge has different songs and sequences so you never know what you will get but I love the butterflies that it gives me every time with that first incline. Now for Tow Mater it is a children's ride but it truly is so great. You get swung from side to side on a track and I am laughing the entire ride and a perk is most of the time the line is never too long so it's an easy ride to go on.

My hardest thing to decide on favorites is definitely the food because in my opinion it is

always hit or miss for food on the California Adventure side. For dinner wise my husband and I will usually walk over to Disneyland to eat but there are some great options still in California Adventure for sure. Lamplight Lounge is a fabulous place with great appetizers and drinks. The entrees are good but I will go just for appetizers and drinks and to take in the sights of the roller coaster and Pixar Pier. My favorite time to go is just around sunset when all the lights turn on in the park. My favorite restaurant is Carthay Circle, it is a beautiful restaurant and I love the ambiance of it. For a quick bite I will usually go to Smokejumpers

Grill for their chicken tenders and onion rings. They used to have this amazing BBQ jackfruit sandwich and I don't know why they discounted it because I would get it all the time. Some of the all time best times to eat in DCA are during the festivals. Disney is really good at festival foods and having them be the perfect large snack size so you can try several things. Every festival my husband and I will get an AP pass for festival snacks and split the pass and eat dinner trying all the different foods. My favorite drinks are from Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff where there are different slushie drinks called "Memory Refreshers" and I like to get the

"Sunshine In A Cup" which is Mello Yellow and Blue Fanta slush with popping pearls. For an adult drink I will get a frozen margarita from Rita's Baja Blenders or a drink from Hollywood Lounge near the Monsters, Inc. ride.

A fun activity to do with little ones is the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail where they can run around and there is an obstacle course type rope walk that is fun to do at any age. It is a cool place to explore and has fun caves and signs talking about the Redwoods and the animals that live there. I love to watch the parades that happen as well here. There is a lot of Pixar characters is in so it is fun to see characters besides the Disney classics not that there is anything wrong with them either!

For characters in DCA there isn't a ton of them but they do have some of the best. There are the Marvel characters you can see like Captain America, Black Panther and his guards, Spiderman and Thor. My all time absolute favorite character is Loki so I love when he comes out to do Meet and Greets. You can also see Guardians of the Galaxy and the classic Fab Five and some Pixar characters as well. One thing that is fun is the Fab Five are dressed up in vintage attire and it is so cute to see Minnie Mouse in her pink dress and matching hat.

What is your favorites of California Adventure? Do you half day this park or is this one you go more than Disneyland?

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