10 Things I love about Disney

These are in no particular order and are all my own opinion.

1. Disney had the idea to never be finished with his parks.

It is always changing and evolving and there is always something new happening or something to look forward to. As of right now, some things I am looking forward to at Disneyland and California Adventure is Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway and Avengers Campus. I love Toontown for Roger Rabbit and visiting Minnie and Mickey but there hasn't been anything new in a while so a new attraction will definitely help bring more people to that side of the park. I love Marvel, Loki is my absolute favorite character so having a whole land dedicated to Marvel is amazing. I am excited for the characters and the food and the ride, so basically everything!

2. Disney Movies

I am sometimes in the minority of this opinion but I do love most of the Disney remakes of movies from my childhood. I like the new spin on them with also keeping most of the integrity of the original movie as well. Also, I have Disney movies since I was a small child. I remember getting Nightmare before Christmas on VHS for Easter the year it came out and loving watching Hercules and Mulan and Toy Story. The Marvel movies are some of my favorites but Pixar has so many great options as well. I loved when Disney + came out because I was able to watch old Disney Channel movies like Brink! and Zenon. There are so many movies to love no matter the age there is something for me every time I want to watch a movie.

3. The characters

I love so many characters it idea hard to explain sometimes because usually someone just has one but I have several. My all time favorite character is Minnie Mouse, she is just so classic and sweet. Now, this is where it gets complicated. My favorite Mickey is Sorcerer Mickey. I love the look and the story line from Mickey's Magical Map that I just kinda feel in love with Sorcerer Mickey. For Marvel I love Loki above all but my favorite Avenger is Scarlett Witch with a close second to Dr. Strange. Loki is mischievous and sarcastic but he has this love for his family as well. I just love how complex he is and no matter what Thor is there for him even when he doesn't want it. I am so excited to see his new series, I just know I am going to binge watch it several times. For Scarlett Witch, she is so powerful that she can hold off Thanos on her own but she loves and feels just as hard too. Her character was so amazing to watch through the movies and Dr. Strange I was mostly excited for Benedict Cumberbatch and he also is pivotal in his movies and I love how he used his arrogance for good. For Disney princesses my favorite since I was little was Snow White, I loved the dwarfs and the outfits and her face expression. The main reason is because she is Disney's first princess but I don't think she gets her credit for that at all. My other favorite princess is Rapunzel and Flynn is my favorite prince. I love their story line and the lanterns and Pascal and the jokes, just so so much!

4. Main Street

There is just something about this street in either parks that just give me the feels. The shops, the music, the entertainment, the look of the buildings just everything makes it magically even when it is crowded. My favorite part most of all is that it leads you to the castle. Just coming around the bend after walking past the train station and having a view of the castle is so beautiful and just makes you feel like you are no longer in Florida or California but somewhere magical.

5. The rides

Let's be real I am a kid at heart and it is still so fun to ride all the rides and Disneyland and spin your cares away on the Teacups and scream when you hit that drop in Guardians of the Galaxy or just be in wonder when you ride Flight of Passage and see how creative the Imagineers can be. I have so many favorites in each park

so I'll just list them all. Disneyland: Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain DCA: Guardians of the Galaxy and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. In Florida the best of all is Everest in Animal Kingdom but other favorites are Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion, Epcot's Test Track and Hollywood Studio's Rock n' Rollercoaster.

6. The Festivals

Disney is really great at being festive and embracing so many cultures. I always love trying new food and Disney's festivals never disappoint. DCA has the Festival of the

Holidays as one of my favorite festivals. They have so many options and my husband and I love to get the Sip and Savor pass and have dinner and dessert snacking on all the options. We always make a game plan of what we will share and what we won't share because it sounds too good not to eat it all ourselves. In 2019 the last time it was open some of our favorites were the Warm Bourbon Cider, Loaded Latkes and the Braised Pork Belly Adobo. In Epcot we have only been lucky to go to Flower and Garden so far from their several festivals a year. But oh how we love Flower and Garden. The landscape is beautiful and it is so fun to go Around the World and taste so many different dishes from each of the country and see how inventive Disney can be with the selection and theming. Both times we have gone to WDW was during Flower and Garden and the second time we went it was on the dining plan and they allow the dishes at most carts to be a snack credit so we can have the option to snack all day or we would go and eat it for lunch and have a lunch credit to spare on a day that we don't have a lunch reservation. I love when Epcot does a festival because it has so much immersion from the carts to the decorations and the entertainment.

7. We celebrate our life events there

Like I have said before we celebrate a lot at Disney. We go on vacation to Disney on both coasts for our anniversaries and Disney has been our Disney destination for our almost 13 years together. Whether for a day or two at Disneyland or our last time to WDW was 10 days. Also, most birthdays are spent there as well to go to a nice dinner like Carthage Circle or Napa Rose.

8. The food

Disney is excellent with their food. We have our favorite quick service and table service restaurants. We love so many different places I am going to make a whole series dedicated to all the places to eat at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Our favorite places to eat at Disneyland are Rancho del Zocalo and the French Market. Our all time favorite at WDW is Satuli Canteen.

9. Churros

Churros have to be a category on their own for sure. I will admit it and I am a churro snob. When it comes to the classic churro I will only buy a churro in Disneyland at the bottom of Main Street by the train station because I think that cart is the best. But, Disney has so many seasonal and creative churros and I haven't found one of those I didn't like. I hope when Disneyland opens again because there is a Fluffer Nutter churro in DCA that I have been so excited to try.

10. The Disney Experience

I think Disney has its own form of magic and the cast members and characters and rides all play a huge part in making the experience of going to the parks something special. I love getting into the "Disney bubble" and just enjoying all aspects of it. Crowds don't bother me

as much because going to Disney so often I don't need to ride rides to have fun. Sometimes my husband and I will go in the evening times to walk around and just be there for a date, we may hop on a ride or grab a churro or pin trade but just going makes me happy.

Thank you for following my 10 reasons why I love Disney. There are so many reasons why I love Disney but I figured I would just share 10 for now. Stay tuned for some fun series.

Also comment below what your favorite thing from Disney is, I would love to know!

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